What to do on this site?

 YQ Matrix, a set of tools to support you in your day-to-day procurement job.   




1. Free Graphs


Free Price evolution graphs and best countries to source from 


Price evolutions

Position different price trends on one single graph and find your most reliable price trend line reference.

Biggest Supply Market

Find major supply markets volumewise with each time their corresponding average price level.


Cheapest Supply Market

Find the lowest prices with each time their corresponding average volume.



Find EMERGING markets 



2. Paid/subscription Graphs


 Procurement Price benchmark versus market


Procurement Price Performance versus Market

Your procurement performance by tracking the "price" gap between the market price and yours. The Benchmark techniques used in these modules are completely NEW on the market.

Procurement Value Performance versus your peers

Your procurement performance in "actual money", showing the realized savings in absolute values.






Procurement Price Gap analysis versus market prices


Price Index

Shows the YQ GPS Index, composed out of different price line satellites that you select yourself. Like traditional GPS satelites, the combination of 2 to 3 price evolutions from different sources gives you a reliable price evolution. 






Supplier's margin evolution based on the YQ Matrix prices


Supplier's Margins

Tracks your supplier's margin evolution over time using the YQ Matrix price database. 






Cost Price Breakdown based on YQ Matrix ingredient prices selected by the user


YQ CPX Index - Should Cost

Shows the YQ CPX (Cost price breakdown) index price composed out of different ingredient price lines from your selection.






Specific Market Prices


Specific Market Prices

Analyzes prices for specific geographical areas. Shows Export prices as well as Import prices.







3. Other specific Paid/subscription Graphs



Gold and Silver price free from Market manipulation


SILVGOLD Standard: Real Gold and Silver Price Reference

Gold and Silver Standards that are not subject to market manipulations.






Future price projections by the YQ Matrix Expert Network


Future Price Forecasts

YQ Matrix Expert Network provides you with future price evolutions projections.







 Contacts with others buying the same goods as yours 








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