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  • Copra (Philippines/Indonesia), bulk, CIF N.W. Europe, Monthly price in euro or other currency per metric Ton
  • Coarse Wool, 23 micron, Australian Wool Exchange spot quoate, euro or other currency per Kg
  • Cotton, Cotlook 'A index', midddling 1-3:32 inch staple, CFR Far Eastern ports, Monthly price in euro or other currency per pound
    Cotton N°2 Future (USD/lb.): Source: Bloomberg
  • Fine Wool, 19 micron, Austrailan Wool Exchange sport quote, Monthly price in euro or other currency per Kg
  • Hard Logs, Best quality Malaysian meranti, import price Japan, Monthly price in euro or other currency/cubic meter
  • Hard Sawnwood, Dark Red Meranti, C&F UK port, Monthly price in euro or other currency/ton
  • Hides, heavy native steers, over 53 pounds, wholesale dealer's price, US Chicago, FOb - Monthly price in euro or other currency per pound
  • Paper and pulp, bio energy
  • Paper: Fix alt papier Germany
  • Paper: Finland
  • PIX Altpapier Deutschland  (recovered paper Germany)
  • Plywood - Africa and Southeast Asia, Lauan, 3-ply, extra. Monthly price in euro or other currency/sheet
  • Rubber, N°3 smoked sheets (RSS3), Singapore commodity exchange - Monthly price in euro or other currency/pound
  • Rubber (source indexmundi)
  • Soft Sawnwood - Average export price of Douglas Fir, US price, Monthly price in euro or currency/cubic meter
  • Soft-logs - Average export price from the US - Montly price in euro or other currency/cubic meter 
  • Woodpulp Sweden - Softwood, sulphate, bleached, airdr weight, CIF North Sea ports - Monthly price in euro or other currency/metric ton

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