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It is strongly recommended to look at the below mentioned videos before creating your first graphs.



 1. How to make a PRICE EVOLUTION graph (video with sound):




Login is required PRIOR to any graph creation. Create your graph here









 2. How to make a graph with the BIGGEST Supply Sources (video with sound):





3. How to make a graph with the CHEAPEST Supply Sources (video with sound):





4. How to make a graph showing the GROWING Supply markets:





5. How to make a graph showing your own Price index








1. How to find raw materials or (semi-) finished products on the YQ Matrix website?

IMPORTANT REMARK: We improved the website versus the video in the meantime. There is no need anymore to "save" your product list. Added products are now automatically saved to your product list without having to push the "save" button anymore.

There is NO SOUND in this video.




3. What information can you collect from the "PERSONAL DATABOX" of the YQ Matrix?

There is NO SOUND in this video to allow open space users to consult the video without disturbing their colleagues.






The other instruction manual videos are under development as we speak. In the meantime, please select the products or raw materials you are interested in in "My Product List" and ask James to assist you at

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