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In this Chapter, you will find the currently available  information related to "Sustainability" and on how to implement sustainability at your supplier base.

Below is a summary of more than 100 website links that can be consulted on the subjects. We are currently in process of gatering additional information from our YQ Matrix members. We will add this information to this website as soon as we will have finalized it. 

Websites related to Sustainability resources:
- Building Green.Com Web Site
- Center for a New American Dream
- City of Portland, Office of Sustainable Development
- Environmentally Preferable Purhasing Web Site
- Government Procurement Magazine and Web Site
- GreenSpec Directory for Green Building Products
- Oregon Natural Step
- Purchasing Reference Guide for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, State of Washington
- Zero Waste Alliance

USA City/State EPP Programs with Example Specfications:
- Commonwealth Massachusetts
- Multnomah County Ofice of Sustainability (
- City of Portland
- City of San Francisco
- City of Seattle

Other resources for sample specifications - environmentally preferable product information
- US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - CPG 
- US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - EPP
- Inform, Inc
- Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center

EPP Email Listservers:
- EPPnet (National Email Listserve)

Life Cycle Analysis/Assessment: LCA
- US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
- BEES: Free LCA software for comparing and selection cost-effective, environmentally-preferable building products.
- Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT): A tool for evaluating the enironmental perfomrance of electronic products throughout their life cycle

Eco-Label websites in USA:
- Chlorine Free Products Association
- Energy Star (energy efficiency)
- FSC: Forest Stewardship Council (wood products)
- Green Seal (variety of products)
- Green-e (electricity)
- Greenguard (indoor air quality)
- Green Building Council (LEED ratin system)
- MBDC Cradl to Cradle (variety of products)

Eco-Label websites in Europe:
- Eco Label in Europe - Nordic Swan, Scandinavia 
- Blue Angel, Germany

- TCO (Sweden and International)

Eco-Label website in other countries:
- Environmental Choice, Canada

European Union websites:
- Eco Design/Energy using products in Europe
- Eco Innovation in Europe
- Eco Management in Europe
- GPP - Green Public Procurement in Europe
- CEFIC - The European Chemical Industry Council


 Studies in Europe:
- INSEAD, France, Value of Sustainable Procurement Practices

Other institutions and links:
- United Nations: Supply Chain Sustainability, A practical guide for Continuous improvement
- SPIN - Sustainable Procurement Information Network: Directory of Web addresses 
- Belgium: Guide related to sustainability (in Dutch, French, German and English language)
- Belgium: Sustainability in Belgium (in Dutch, French, German and English language)
- Belgium: Programmatorische Overheidsdienst voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling - Service Publique fédéral de programmation développement durable: in Dutch and French langague




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