Financial Analyses: Suppliers


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 Check the financial health of your suppliers free of charge. 


Search your company name on the Quandl Search box that you can find on:


If no information is found, try a search on the below mentioned national institution links or try the Yahoo Finance search box at the bottom of this page.  


Balance sheets and other financial results of companies that you can download from the official national institutions:


  • BELGIUM, Belgian National Bank (in german, french, dutch and english). For quick and easy to use graph visibility on financial figures and ratios, see Finactum (only available in Dutch).
  • FRANCE, Infogreffe (english and french)
  • GERMANY, Bundesanzeiger (in german)
  • IRELAND, Companies Registration Office Ireland (english)
  • LUXEMBOURG, Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés (in french and german)
  • SPAIN, Colegio de registradores de la Propriedad y Mercantiles de España (only in Spanish, use for translation)
  • SWEDEN, Bolagsverket - Swedish Companies Registration Office (in English and Swedish)
  • THE NETHERLANDS, Kamer van Koophandel - Dutch Chamber of Commerce (only in dutch, use for translation)
  • UNITED KINGDOM, Companies Accounts or use following direct link: Webcheck, (in English)
  • EUROPEAN INSTITUTION: ECCBSO  BACH-ESD website, the European database of aggregate information on non-financial corporations.The BACH-ESD database contains financial ratios for non-financial incorporated European companies and provides sectoral benchmarks to compare the financial performances of single firms with their respective sectoral and size aggregates. The primary aim of the database is to provide consistent and comprehensive figures for the credit risk analysis of the credit and financial institutions. Currently, the benchmark statistic includes 28 ratios for Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
  • Russian Supplier check




If none of the above mentioned is giving you satisfaction, insert the name of the company you are looking for on the below mentioned Finance Yahoo search box. Once the share values of the searched supplier appear, click on "Income Statement" mentioned in the bottom left corner of Finance Yahoo page (provided it is highlighted). If it is not highlighted, the income statement for your supplier is not available. 








For full set of financial analyses per sectors or for specific companies, go to the Data Page of Damodaran Online (Click on "data" and than on "updated data") and download the excel data sets.