Forecast providers

If you are interested to provide price forecast information to the YQ Matrix community, please feel free to apply below. 









BENEFITS as Forecast providers:





The Financial benefits of your forecast are defined following your forecast performance as evaluated by the crowd voting on the YQ Matrix


4-Star forecaster  490 Euro/month/product type

3-Star forecaster 390 Euro/month/product type

2-Star forecaster 290 Euro/month/product type

1-Star forecaster 1 year time to get into 2 to 4-Star forecaster module




Create a worldwide visibility on your expertise.

Get recognition from other YQ Matrix users for your forecast performance.

Build up your reputation as expert on the selected products.


As Price forecaster of the YQ Matrix, you have the possibility to stay anonymous or use the YQ Matrix to show your expertise worldwide by using your actual name. The data reliability will be objectively measured by the users of the YQ Matrix itself through crowd voting.